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The man who has walked the Peak District, Britain, Europe and the World.

John Merrill Walk Guides

"Hiking the sa​cred paths and trails of the 

world for others to follow"

Telephone No. 01992-762776     Email - [email protected]

"For every mile you walk you extend your life by 21 mins."​


I received these photos -January 30th. 2020 - of me calling in on Blacks shop in Cardiff on March 6th. 1978. I was given a new pair of socks! Kindly send by the grandson of the shop manager.

June 10th. 2021 update - Sadly a few people claim to have walked the coastline of Britain, quoting the distance they walked as 4,500 miles. Another 6,500 miles, but that is not the total distance. Upon enquiry they took ferries and classed Poole Harbour as an inland waterway! It isn't, I took no ferry and walked round the harbour 55 miles! The longest inland walk was the Humber - 186 miles from Spurn Head to Grimsby - no ferry all on foot - the PURE WAY. On June 9th., a woman set off to walk the coast, as reported in The Sun, aiming to walk the coast of Britain - 2,700 miles! That is the length of the Scottish coastline (mainland). She only walked 3 miles and had to rescued by the RNLI. Also she was walking anti-clockwise, the Devil's Way!

Feature in The Sun Newspaper, June 10th. 2021.