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The man who has walked and still is walking, the Peak District

Britain, Europe and the World.

John Merrill 

 Walk Guides

"Hiking the sacred paths and trails of the world for others to follow".

"For every mile that you walk, you extend your life by 21 mins."


Inbetween my walks I do many charity bike rides such as - 

London to Brighton

London to Southernd

London to Cambridge

The annual Bloodwise 50 mile ride.

Palace to Palace - Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle.

The Thames Bridges - 50 miles - Stroke Association

My most recent on Sunday September 3rd. 2017 was the annual Bloodwise (Blood cancer research) from Southwark Park to Isle of Dogs and across London to Richmond Park and back - 50 miles plus getting to and from the park, making 60 miles altogether.

Here I am at the end with my medal!