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The man who has walked the Peak District, Britain, Europe and the World.

John Merrill Walk Guides

"Hiking the sa​cred paths and trails of the 

world for others to follow"

Telephone No. 01992-762776     Email - [email protected]

"For every mile you walk you extend your life by 21 mins."​


- so far I have worn out 135 pairs of boots, walking 225,000 miles. The boots are usually worn out around the heel inside or the heel outside. The following pictures are just a fragment of my boots. I keep them in a shed and most have a label on saying what they have done. They are like close friends and I hate parting with them! The traditional heavy weight boot would last 6 months but todays lightweight boots last 2 to 3 months and I wear out three pairs a year.

New boots - first pair for 2019.

My last pair in 2018, after 1,500 miles. Including twice to Mont St. Michel - 500 miles.

Among the walks worn - Seville to Santiago de Compostella - 750 miles.

General walk boots in Britain, covering 1,100 miles.

Used for 560 miles.

UK walks - approx 900 miles.