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The man who has walked and still is walking, the Peak District

Britain, Europe and the World; he has no equal.

John Merrill 

 Walk Guides

"Hiking the sacred paths and trails of the world for others to follow".

"The miracle of life is not to fly in the air, or walk-on the water, but to walk on the earth"- Chinese saying.

"For every mile that you walk, you extend your life by 21 mins."

photo - John Merrill on the summit of Stake Pass, on the Cumbria Way - May 2022.


John has completed a whole string of record breaking major marathon walks in Britain. These include a 1,000 mile walk linking together the islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Another 1,000 mile walk linking together the Islands of the Orkney and Shetland Islands. A 1,600 mile walk up the west coast of Ireland. A 1,600 mile Lands End to John o Groats walk which included several national trails and all the highest peaks - it was a training walk! A 2,250 mile walk from Plymouth to Filey and the Peak District, linking together all the National Parks, major trails and highest peaks. He became the first person to walk the entire coast of Britain - 7,000 miles and a Guiness Book of Record holder.

Among his many shorter walks are a 420 mile walk from Norwich Cathedral to Durham Cathedral, via Ely, Peterborough, Lincoln, York and Ripon. A 286 mile around the Derbyshire boundary. He has walked all our National trails many times, such as the - The Pennine Way 7 times; Cleveland Way 13 times; Offa's Dyke 3 times; North Downs Way 4 times; South West Coast Path - 3 times etc.etc.

He has written more than 400 guide books to walks in Britain, with sales of over 4 million. His "Short Circular Walks in the Peak District" - has sold more than 100,000 copies.

Combined he has so far walked more than 150,000 miles in Britain and is still walking and writing. This is on top of his major marathon walks in Europe, Asia and America, which combined amount to more than 226,500 miles overall, as at April 2021, and now earring his 149th. pair of boots.

He is in the same body that he was born with - the same knees and hips - and everything else. He walks regularly at least 17 to 28 miles a day. He cycles to maintain his fitness levels, about 40 to 50 miles a day. He also practises and teaches Qigong daily, which have resulted in him having no illness or any medical problems so far this lifetime.

During Covid his local long walks include - the Grand Union Canal - London to Birmingham - 153 miles; The Oxford Canal - Coventry to Oxford - 83 miles; The Eleanor Crosses - Nottingham to London - 240 miles; King Harold Way and back - 240 miles; Essex Witch walks - 180 miles; Hertfordshire Witches and Highwaymen walks - 160 miles; the Icknield Way - 100 miles; the Essex Coastline - 340 miles......etc etc.

He walks the pure way with everything in his back - the basics of life - and just using only his two feet. He has no back up and doesn't need any. He walks alone in total confidence and does not use poles or carry an emergency phone. He is at one with nature and the world. He never takes a ferry, bus or train to cut corners; all is done on foot regardless of the terrain, distance and time.

He does not seek publicity for his walk, preferring to get off and do them without restraints. He has many more major walks planned and books to walk and write.